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How To Earn Money Writing

Looking to break into writing or freelancing as your career but unsure where to start or if you can make it work? This site is devoted to covering the numerous types of writing jobs available. Many people don't realize writing is everywhere! Most people consider writers to be novelists or poets, but the truth is the vast majority of writers who are earning a good living actually specialize in others areas.

The purpose of this website is to explore the many different ways to earn an income from writing - from greeting cards, to manuals, to catalog and menu descriptions, there is bound to be a type of writing you had not considered before that may allow you to diversify or even develop a new specialty niche. Writing is always in demand, you simply have to know where to look.

Using This Website

On the menu to the right you will see a variety of different types of writing niches. Feel free to explore one - or all to learn more about that style of writing and get some ideas on how/where you can use it to earn a writing income. Keep in mind that many of us who are freelance writers do more than one thing. For example I design websites (like this one) and I also write for magazines periodically, I blog, and have even ghost written content for other publications.

It sounds like a lot, and truthfully it is, but sometimes the best way to make a living wage as a writer means having to diversify. I recommend you find more than one style or type of writing that you enjoy. I also recommend that you develop a portfolio with links to your work and keep it updated and professional looking. With writing, the more demonstrated experience you have, the better. Writing can be a very competitive field at times and you have to work to promote yourself not only your writing. A good portfolio will help establish your professionalism and credibility.

Breaking Into Writing Full Time

So... can you make a full time living as a writer? Absolutely, yes. Will it happen overnight? Absolutely not! This is a calling that requires burning a lot of midnight oil as you get yourself established. You need to constantly hone and practice your skills. Writing is not really a 9-5'ers dream, because it requires a lot of effort, thick skin, a willingness to self-promote and sell yourself, and a lot of discipline. If you are lacking in any of these areas, you may want to reconsider writing as your full time income source and stick to hobby writing or part time stuff on the side.

I know I mentioned a portfolio, and there are several freelancing sites that will allow you to build a portfolio to highlight your work. Many of them have restrictions however, and you may find that tool doesn't work for you on it's own. I highly recommend building your own website (or having one built) and then linking to your own portfolio from other places on the net. This gives you back links and helps your work get discovered. I also enjoy writing hubs on hubpages - there's not great money in it - but the support of the other writers there is phenomenal and hubs, done correctly, NOT spamming! are a great way to get discovered by more readers and to build links to your own websites as well.