About Us

My significant other Nick and I are very passionate about writing and story telling. We are also very passionate about empowering ourselves to earn a living on our own terms, particularly with the economy as it is. We both know that there are an abundance of writing opportunities available out there when you know where to look. For me, writing has been a lifelong passion and something I have always loved to do. For Nick, it's been a discovery he made a little later on.

We wanted to build this site to bring awareness to all of the different types of writing available. We also feel that writing, as a whole, is greatly undervalued. I mean if you think about it - writing is everywhere. Writing changes the world and influences people, from advertising to memoirs the words we read have an effect on us. One thing that really angers me is that writer's themselves tend to greatly devalue their worth. They will accept writing "jobs" for pennies or a buck for a 500 word article that someone else will profit on for life. Well we both know - if people accept those low rates they devalue the field for all of us. We also hope to bring awareness to this subject!

We decided to develop this website and the forum to help other writers and to have a place for fellowship. In addition, a forum allows us (and you too) to share the latest and greatest in this wonderful and diverse world of writing. There are so many writing styles! We feel we don't need to be in competition with other writers - there's plenty to go around. We aim to support our viewers/readers while continuing to expand our own personal writing knowledge and experience.

Our Mission

In short, our mission is:
To provide tools and information for those who are seeking to start or enhance their career as a writer.
To demonstrate the value of writing and help writer's value themselves enough to not work for less than slave wages.
To encourage new and seasoned writers through the ups and downs and uncertainties of freelance writing and being one's "own boss"