Blog Writing or Blogging

Earn Money Blogging

When it comes to earning money from writing while still being able to write about what you want - nothing beats blogging. You can start a blog for free on sites like blogger (very user friendly) or WordPress (a bit more complex but many more features).

To start a blog that has the potential to earn income, think of some subjects you know a lot about or are passionate about and make a list. To be effective, your blog has to be something you will have enough interest in to update regularly. You also need to have it focused on a niche so that people doing searches can find you.

To see how many people are searching for your particular subject you can use the google Adwords keyword suggestor tool to get a general idea. After this you will need to sign up for a free blogger account and check to see if your wanted term is available. So if you were wanting to blog on how to make widgets - you would check first to see how many people are searching on the topic of "widget making" or "how to make widgets". Then check to see if you can find a domain or blogger domain with your keyword in it (ideally). this makes your blog more search engine friendly. If happens to be available - great! snap it up.

Next you will want to spend some time developing the layout, topics, and structure of your blog. Make sure it is intuitive, easy to follow and pleasing to the eye. People will only read if all 3 of these are true. Be sure to have an adsense account and place your adsense ads on your blog. Once you have the structure set up start blogging and when you create a new post share it by going to ping-o-matic or another similar service and pinging out your blog post. Give it time and be patient. It takes several months usually for a new blog to take off. Be consistent, post regularly and encourage others to participate by asking questions, encouraging comments etc.

An example of a blog I have done is the Universal Laws Explained blog. This is a subject I know a lot about, it is popular and that blog brings a lot of traffic. The beauty of it is, I get to write about something I love to write about - that helps people. I have google adsense ads on my blog which allows me to earn some passive income from it. Over time the money I receive has increased as the blogs popularity has increased. Although I can't earn enough on this blog alone :) it does let me get more writing practice and gives me an avenue to make a little extra on the side.

Blogging for Others...

Another way to make money blogging is by writing blog posts for other people. Many businesses for example have blogs and they do this because blogs are a source of continual fresh content which search engines like. A blog also gives the sense to visitors/customers of "something personal". Very few realize that many blog posts that seem personal are actually outsourced to freelance writers and ghost written. You can find listings on many freelance sites for jobs of this nature - or consider advertising your services on Craigslit or via your own website.

Have a product you adore and think you can sell it well? Contact the company and see if they have a blog or other PR service that involves writing. Tell them you want to do some pieces for them on a contract basis because of how much you truly enjoy their product. If you do a great job it can open the door to many opportunities.