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Do you have a knack for business and a strong desire to help aspiring business owners to reach their goals? This may be the niche for you if so. Business plans are designed to outline the goals of a startup and they cover in detail the goals of a company, the plans for reaching those goals, potential competition or other challenges, and the plans to meet those challenges. They also include a summary of anticipated financial need, profit/loss, etc. A business plan is a way for a prospective business owner to fully understand what they are getting into. They are also used in helping to secure funding from investors and loans.

If you are well-organized and very good with details you can establish yourself as a professional business plan writer. There are resources below for teaching yourself how to develop business plans successfully. If you are a freelancer or entrepreneur start with your own business. This is a great first exercise and will give you an idea of all that is involved in writing a thorough and successful business plan.

Business plan writers can work for a firm or they may choose to freelance. I have seen jobs for business plan writers periodically on the freelancing job sites. This would probably be an area where self-promotion and advertising your services via an online portfolio would serve you well. This will allow you to show examples of business plans you've written to potential buyers.

According to the SimplyHired salary estimator the average salary of business plan writers is $50,000 per year.

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