Grant Writing

A grant writer's job is to help find and secure funding opportunities for non-profits, companies, and even individuals. A grant writer researches sources for funding, makes contacts, and writes proposals requesting funds on behalf of their client.

Grant writers tend to be highly skilled and have knowledge not only of grant writing, but also in the field of those whom they are writing for. Someone with a medical background for instance may find greater success at doing grant writing for a non-profit seeking funding for medical research.

Many non-profits hire their own grant writers, however it is possible to work on a contract basis. This is one area where you need to build up experience in order to command higher salaries. The pay varies wildly dependent on experience averaging $15 per hour for those with little experience, to thousands of dollars for seasoned grant writers and firms.

Many who pursue this writing field are driven by a need to serve a higher cause. What is more rewarding than securing funding for a non-profit or business you truly believe in? If you are willing to take some courses and do some research, it is possible to learn to become a very effective grant writer. The more successes you have, the more you can expect to earn in time.

According to SimplyHired - the average salary of a grant writer is a respectable $51,000 per year nationwide.