Additional Writer's Resources

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The Best Writer's Links

Fortunately, there are so many great resources for writers out there on the web. Below are some of my favorites, websites I couldn't live without and ones that have truly helped me become a better writer. I hope you will enjoy them also.

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101 Free Tools Every Freelance Writer, Web Designer, and Graphic Artist Needs
See the extensive list of writer's resources - very useful for freelancers of all kinds.
Freelance Writing
This is a wonderful resource with writer's guidelines to hundreds of publications, articles, tutorials, contests - pretty much anything a freelance writer needs
Writer's Digest
A staple for pretty much any writer, from very green to seasoned professional. Get free resources, classes, webinars, competitions, tutorials and much more.
Writer's Market
Worth every penny of the subscription price (39.95 yearly or 5.99 monthly) There is no greater or more current resource for finding markets, writers guidelines, agents, publishers, etc.
this website is a wealth of information for freelance writers and also features a job board.
Copybloggers How to Write Magnetic Headlines
I can't say it enough a great headline, the "hook" is so vital in today's world of short attention spans. If you can grab a reader you've won more than half the battle. Learn how with this series of posts.
How to Write an eBook in 7 Days
This paid guide lays out in detail how to write and compile an ebook in only 7 days - a good investment for those who want to use this marketing tool or even develop ebooks for others as a freelancer.
Persuasive Writing Power
Follow this program week-by-week and you will develop the power to write persuasively for any need.

Novel Writing Made Easy System
This program is extensive and teaches you how to write and promote your own novel, agent free, in 60 days.