Product Description Writing & Product Reviews

These are two areas where quality writing is in demand. Companies often pay freelancers to write the descriptions of their products using alluring and colorful words that entice the reader to further examine the product and even buy. It's a form of copywriting that takes some real finesse. You've seen this often on menu's for example. How many menu's have you seen that simply say "Roast Beef and Mashed Potatoes" - boring! Instead the menu descriptions "jazz up" the product description to stoke your appetite and encourage you to purchase it. They'll use descriptive words like "mouth watering" "tender" "juicy" "like grandma used to make" etc.

In addition, companies like to see their products favorably reviewed online. Many of those reviews you see on sites like Amazon for example are often bought and paid for. Is it ethical - that's debateable, but if you truly enjoy a product and stand by it, I see nothing wrong with asking a company if you can be a paid reviewer for them. Why not?

Product Descriptions

I covered this a bit above with my menu example, but many places require descriptive product writing. Classified ads, catalogs, menus, even websites that sell products online. There is no shortage of places to discover product description writing - it's limited only by a lack of imagination.

Many of the freelancing sites will have gigs posted that involve short articles, product descriptions etc. Some pay better than others. I would also consider building a personal website or having one built to highlight your writing skills to potential employers. You can market yourself as a copywriter with a focus on product descriptions and reviews and hand out business cards to local businesses etc. If you don't have a website or portfolio you need to read this: Why Every Writer Needs a Personal Website to understand just why you need to make this investment in yourself. It doesn't have to be expensive and it will definitely pay for itself over and over again.

Product Reviews

The next idea for making money is by writing product reviews - or service reviews. Again, many freelancing websites have these kind of jobs posted regularly. For me, I cannot personally bring myself to favorably review a product or service I have not tried. If I can't believe in it or experience it, ethically speaking, I feel I should not try to pitch or sell it.

That being said, there have been some products I have used that I absolutely adored and felt others should use. I place affiliate links on some websites for products and services I have found valuable and that allows me to earn comissions. This is not a great money maker, but it can supplement your income. Amazon is a great way to get some money for promoting products you use and enjoy. Tie these product recommendations into your blog and reviews on your own website. Write a killer review, go into detail about how the product is beneficial, what you gained from it and why you feel others will also benefit from it. People love personal experiences and it often motivates them to try something new.

Passion sells. If you are reviewing and pushing a product you know little to nothing about or doing a "half assed" review, your readers aren't going to be impressed or encouraged to take action. This is where personal experience comes in handy - speak with authority on your subject and you'll get more conversions.