Selling Your Content on Your Terms

Name Your Price for Articles

Many writers like the idea of selling their work, while still retaining the ability to write about subjects of their choice. There are some websites out there that allow you to sell your content and name your own price.

The upside to this of course is that you can write on subjects that you truly know and understand - this naturally leads to stronger writing. When you place your article up for sale, you can give away all rights to the work and sell it for a higher price or you can choose to give licensing rights that allow you to resell the work.

Constant Content

Constant content is a great place to sell your writing. Keep in mind that the writing requirements here are very stringent. This is actually a good thing and works to the writer's advantage as well. Because the process is very strict, it means only the best writing will be made available for purchase. Clients looking for content understand that when they purchase from here it is going to be top-quality writing. People seeking top of the line content are willing to pay for it.

At constent-content you have the option of different licensing rights. You can tier price your articles accordingly. Full rights articles that are very well-written and researched can earn a lot of money. Constant Content of course takes a commission, but they offer a great place to sell quality writing. I have sold several articles through them and was pleased with the professionalism and the promptness of payment.

Daily Article

This is another website where you can name your price. The difference between daily article and constant-content is that all articles sold through this website are full rights, meaning you cannot resell or reuse the work elsewhere. From my understanding, this website is less stringent than constant-content. I have not yet placed articles on this website so I cannot say for sure that is true, however the sign-up process doesn't even require approval. They state that their writers are all native English speakers from the USA and Canada only.

Other Ideas for Selling Content...

First of all avoid freelance websites that offer to pay a pittance for quality work. You're a writer. You're a professional - do you really need to write a 500 word well-researched article for a dollar? It's amazing to me how many writers will do this and sell themselves - and our industry, short. If this is you, consider trying to work for more and take to heart what I just said. As long as there are people who devalue themselves enough to accept slave wages, there will be those who will take you at your word and only pay you pennies. How much profit do you think those same people are making off of your hard work? - Think about it.

Are you an expert in a certain field? or do you have a passion for or knack for something? Another idea is to go to local businesses who offer products or services in areas of your expertise and offer to develop website or blog content for them and negotiate a price. Be professional and bring a portfolio with sample clips of your writing or have a website to point them to. This is a great way to drum up some freelance business and also get your name out. If a company likes your work ask for a letter of recommendation or reference.