Writing Tutorials - Strong Earning Potential

Develop Tutorials and Earn Money

There are many websites that pay very well for top-notch tutorials. Are you a web design or photoshop expert for example? There are a couple of Photoshop tutorial related websites out there that pay in the hundreds for high quality, approved tutorials. Share you expertise, write in an engaging manner that helps people learn and earn a nice bit of cash in the process.

Tutorial writing isn't only for Photoshop or Adobe products. Many tutorials are in demand for a variety of subjects particularly for web development and technology fields in general. If you are a techie you are sure to be able to find multiple sites to submit tutorials to.

Not into web development or design? That's ok - there still may be some opportunities for you to teach online and earn money through writing courses. For example websites like Universal Class allow those with experience in their field to apply to teach courses online. You can also apply simply to write course material in your areas of expertise. The pay rate for writing course materials is .04 to .07 per word - not too bad considering courses are pretty lengthy.

Another idea is to write a "how to eBook" and offer it for sale or to have a "how to" website etc. where you can monetize it through adsense or other programs. Perhaps Amazon affiliate links to suggested reading at the end of your tutorial/blog. There are many ways to make money sharing what you know. Some are more lucrative than others, but if you can dream it up, there is a way to market your knowledge.

Ready to write and record a video tutorial? You can do this and market them through websites like MindBites which allow you to upload content. You simply upload, give your tutorial a nice title, description, and set your price. Your tutorial is then listed and MindBites handles all the transferring, processing and delivering. They even Search engine optimize for you. You keep 75% of the profit and they do most of the "technical" stuff and promotion etc. You can also upload videos for free to Youtube and link them to your website. This is a good way to help your website gain rank in the search engines as well.

Links to Websites That Pay for Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials Earn $150 - 300 per accepted tutorial and gain exposure as well. Photoshop only.
Tutorial Board They pay $150 per accepted tutorial and accept tutorials from Photoshop, Aftereffect or Maya
Vector Diary This website pays $150 for Adobe Illustrator Tutorials
Tutorial9 Offers tutorials on photography, Illustrator and Web Development topics.

There are many others you can find through a simple google search of "sell tutorials".